Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Not So Boring Walls

The problem with renting is that you can't have interesting walls. Unless you look at it a little differently. Sure you can't nail things into the wall, or paint it without having to factor in repainting them once you move out, but with a few adhesive sticker hooks and some blu-tak you can make the white space so much more interesting.

I've been collecting feathers, seedpods, bark, paper wasp nests, and some of my texture photos to hang from the string lines for awhile now. I change them around when the mood suits. The bird images below are from an old calendar I snaffled at the Lifeline Bookfest. Similar pictures of Australian wildlife fill Gwen's walls and our bedroom as well.


 There is also a string line for Gwen's artwork and pretty pictures we find along the way...


...but not all artwork is quite so portable.


  1. All those beautiful and interesting things you've pegged up look better than most walls I've seen (in rented houses or not.) I hopped over to your blog from the stuff you wrote about frogs at Irresistible Ideas for Play-based Learning. Wow - you know lots - v.impressive.

  2. Hugs, thankyou! I've been enjoying your blog too. :)