Saturday, November 27, 2010


We had a wonderful visit to the West End markets this morning and met up with some friends. It was wonderful to see them after such a long time. We sat under a beautifully huge fig listening to amazing music, feasting on market food. Gwen danced, was social with several other children and dogs, even being allowed to take a small one for a "walk" 2 meters away then back, which she adored.

She happily devoured two whole frankfurter sausages (actual proper long deli ones being sold at a German sausage stall), two large juicy nectarines, a large cup of sugar cane juice half a frakferter bun, a bar of something nutty from a vegan stall and still had room for crackers.

She's hollow legged today, which I guess means we're in for another growth spurt soon. She really does grow like weed in the sun, we're into size 3 pants already and her size 2 tops are almost too short for her now, I only moved up to size 2 a few weeks ago.

Ah well, back to the sewing...

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