Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kindy Gym Fun

We went to our first kindy gym class today at the local PCYC and Gwen loved it. She's 2.3 now and technically meant to be in the "wonky walkers" class but we took a look at that room and both proclaimed it ok but boring with it's couple of soft gym mattresses, soft tunnel and three large car toys. There was music but there wouldn't be any "instruction" by the minder in the room. I've gotten to know lots of 2 year olds over the last few months and for  the majority of them this wouldn't have been much fun. They are bouncy and inquisitive and love creative play, epically when they are encouraged to pretend to be or do something.

So we went next door.

The Kindy gym class for 3+ year olds had trampolines, balancing beams, ladders, a big soft tunnel, trampolines, a "tower" to jump off onto big mattresses and did I mention the trampolines? For about 5 mins the kids were encouraged to be various animals, jump on a line of hoops and catch bubbles. I joined I on all of this. I did not feel even slightly silly to be the only adult getting into it. While the other mums sat passively around the room Gwen and I actively played together. I’d been ill for the last week and hadn’t been able to do much with her on our park trips and it was great to have the energy again to play.

When it all ended she really didn't want to leave so I made a point of asking the "Leader" if we could come back next week. It really made a difference to Gwen being ok with going, she knows that we'll come back some time soon.