Monday, December 20, 2010

Alphabet Turtle

Stickers are not a precious commodity in this house. I know some households who only allow the kids to have stickers for special deeds or occasions, but not us. I've always seen them as a fun way to develop fine motor skills, and creativity, and keep Gwen occupied by something that is completely hers, with no mummy interference unless specifically asked.

Shiny gold dot stickers often make their way onto unsuspecting feet, faces and clothing. Pink stars, or their lesser cousins the gold stars, might be played with for almost 40 minutes straight, being expertly arranged on some card then scribbled on with deliberation. Silver and black foam stickers sourced at reverse garbage get similar treatment and have recently found their way onto old packing tape cylinders and become armbands.

Yesterday we broke out the alphabet stickers and Gwen rummaged amoungst her things until she found a shiny rock wheich she dubed her "ABC Turtle." For the next hour he was expertly covered with all manner of ABC's, as was the mirror and her toes.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Market days are a delight

It's all rainy, the mud squelches under my bare feet as we move toward the jumping castle, mango, plum and watermelon juices staining Gwens hands and top. Eagerly she climbs from the stroller and rushes into the bouncing throng of kids. We've just filled up the pram with fresh, cheep market fruit and vege and indulged in a  cheesy pancake and a curry puff. I adore market days, and so does Gwen.

We got home to unpack try out some fresh macadamia nuts which we opened with the macca cracker. Nuts where sorted, bounced, eaten and generally enjoyed. It's still raining outside and for the first time in a week it's nice and cool, but the washing isn't really drying. We played among the cool damp sheets, driving toy cars down a hastily drawn road, painting trees next to it with chalk paint (cornflour, water, food coloring), drawing bicycles (me) and smoke coming from them (Gwen).

We admired the resilience of our garden Hay-man withstanding such cold rain and then back up stairs to read a few books, play in the cave (a big box with blanket over it) and snuggle into sleep.

Rainy days and market days always seem so much busier.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to Colour

"What colour should we make this playdough?"
"Here you go!" says Gwen presenting me with a suitably coloured texta with which to colour it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rain and Whiskers

Gwen has been obsessed with whiskers ever since Halloween this year with our neighbor stopped by on her way to a fancy dress party dressed as Puss in Boots. I helped her apply her whiskers and almost everyday since then Gwen has insisted on them. If they are not forthcoming she comes up with her own whiskers solution.This might mean some chalk, texta or paint.

It's been raining a lot lately too, which means we're a bit more experimental with the paint.She's been getting into body painting a lot and particularly favors black paint with accents of yellow and pink pastels.

She has also discovered my goggles and loves to recite the "Rain is Falling down" song as she jumps in puddles.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Delightful Purple King Beans

Purple king beans are easy to grown, you just put them in the ground, water them occasionally and up they pop, producing amazingly prolific purple beans. I love the flowers, the taste and the colour!

A Visitor to our Garden