Monday, December 20, 2010

Alphabet Turtle

Stickers are not a precious commodity in this house. I know some households who only allow the kids to have stickers for special deeds or occasions, but not us. I've always seen them as a fun way to develop fine motor skills, and creativity, and keep Gwen occupied by something that is completely hers, with no mummy interference unless specifically asked.

Shiny gold dot stickers often make their way onto unsuspecting feet, faces and clothing. Pink stars, or their lesser cousins the gold stars, might be played with for almost 40 minutes straight, being expertly arranged on some card then scribbled on with deliberation. Silver and black foam stickers sourced at reverse garbage get similar treatment and have recently found their way onto old packing tape cylinders and become armbands.

Yesterday we broke out the alphabet stickers and Gwen rummaged amoungst her things until she found a shiny rock wheich she dubed her "ABC Turtle." For the next hour he was expertly covered with all manner of ABC's, as was the mirror and her toes.


  1. That turtle is cool.

    I waver on the sticker issue - I know it's loads of fun, and I'm not into limiting them, but... I get mighty sick of picking them off bits of furniture, wall, floor etc.

    Sometimes they're around, and sometimes not - depends on my mood.

  2. glad to hear you're not anti-sticker though!