Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mad Hatters Halloween Tea Party

I made the Mad Hatters hat with stiff brown kraft paper and masking tape. It was spray painted black then covered in op shop lace. The jacket was an op shop find to. I covered it in masking tape and spray painted it to create the pin stripes then proceeded to embellish with wild abandon. "Alice's" dress was somthing quickly whipped up from an old skirt. She adored it

My Red Queens outfit was sewn up on the day, vaguely copying an existing dress pattern for the top with extra op shop lace from an old skirt on the solders. A big black felt heart was added to the front. I was graciously loaned the crown on the proviso that a suitable blue scarf could be found for Alice.

Tarts and (iced) Tea were of course had by all.

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