Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cake & Ice

It was someones birthday at daycare today and afternoon tea included cake. On the way home Gwen sang her own version of the song:

Happy birth cake you you,
Happy birth cake you you!
Happy cake happy cake!
Happy birth cake you you!

It's possibly the best version ever!

Another Gwen reworking of lyrics is Ice Ice Baby. We went to get a big bag of ice from the local servo a couple of weeks ago and I started to sing "ice ice baby." It's the only song I know with the word ice in it. Gwen immediately took up the song with:

Ice ice Baby
Ice ice Mummy
Ice ice Daddy
Ice ice Nandi
Ice ice Buppa
Ice ice Gwen!

A very appropriate song for what promises to be a long hot and humid summer

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