Friday, November 19, 2010

An Average Morning

What do you do on an average morning? Gwen gets up at about 5am. Hubby and I often take it in shifts so we are allowed a little more sleep, but some times we can't due to an early shift at work or early start at uni.

This morning, after dropping daddy off to work at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am we
  • Had the second part of our breakfast.
  • Drew spiders and webs.
  • Played with coloured water, tipping and mixing and splashing it all over the lawn.
  • Painted some sheets with heavily diluted acrylic paint, a paint brush, gum nuts and hands.
  • Had a long bubbly bath in which all humanoid toys plus horse, cat and rabbit all had their hair washed. Gwen aquessed to the indignity of a hair soaking.
  • Reading a book in bed.
  • Watching Dirt Girl World while consuming untold quantities of fresh pineapple, cheese and pasta.
  • Put on some washing together.
  • Chose some seedlings (corn, cucumber and butter beans) and directed where to put them.
  • Drew more things while mummy dug.
  • Watching a little bit of Playschool while mummy was on the phone.
  • Became a pussy cat with the help of drawn on whiskers and a beautiful long tail.
  • Had a visitor picking something up from ebay and proudly displaying chickens.
  • Milk & Bed.
Wow, just looking at that list it's no wonder I feel worn out.

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