Sunday, January 9, 2011

Real World Tools

I've just started using tools with my 2 year old. We found an old set of shelves during the annual kerbside collection for large items. We've put it on it's side and have been converting it inot a long shelf for all of her things.

We started of with sanding down some edges. Traditional sanding blocks are too big for her hands, instead we wrapped a bit of sand paper around a branch block, or what some call a tree chip.

Then we pried off some of the extra moldings around the bottom with a hammer and chisel (I hold the chisel as it's razor sharp) while Gwen hits with the hammer.Then we salvaged a few extra screws and de-nailed the moldings.

Yesterday we bought the wood to add extra shelves and together we chose some paint to colour the shelves before we screw them in.

I love seeing her become so involved in something so real world, using skills that I too am only really learning for the first time.

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  1. ha - your last sentence really resonates with me. The same stuff goes on in our home - and I'm fumbling my way through it all as we go. I really love that I'm learning it all.